Best Booking Engine Service

Monitor your reservations easily

Fully responsive and innovative booking engine allowing you to easily manage and handle reservations on your hotel’s website.

Reservations from any device

We provide a dynamically designed booking system responsive to all devices and all operation systems. Both you and your guests can use it through a desktop, a laptop, a tablet or a smartphone, no matter which technology you use.

Handle reservations in your own currency

We provide a user-centric booking system providing you and your guests with the friendliest online experience. We understand that you need to do business in your own currency and thus support every single currency of the world so as to draw visitors from diverse currency options.

Offer all-kind of payment options to your guests

The booking engine supports a wide selection of payment options. You may give your guests the option to use any major Credit Card such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express etc. You can also set the On Request feature in order to give your guests the option to pay you in cash or by bank transfer.

Update your rates & availability instantly

This powerful hotel booking system is designed in order to offer you the easiest updating procedure for both availability and rates, while ensuring that no accidental change will happen. The design team continuously examines the functionality of our extranet in order to offer to our clients the best navigation experience.

Manage all booking channels at once

Its Channel Management feature gives you the opportunity to handle all of your reservations from one place. You can easily manage your OTA’s and update your prices and availability in all channels instantly.

Set various rate & cancellation policies

You can set as many rate policies, special discount codes as well as any combination of payment rules and cancellation restrictions as you need for any type of guest or co-operator.

Eliminate commissions-increase direct bookings

Direct Booking is a conversion oriented booking system for your hotel’s website. By eliminating busyness and cluttered messages we build confidence for your hotel and its website booking procedure while making it easy for visitors to proceed to a reservation directly from your website.

Monitor your performance

Its’s reports feature an easy-to-use function that provides you with instant information regarding your hotel’s performance in comparison with previous periods. It’s up to you to set the periods that you want to compare and get the detailed and valuable data that you need.

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