Search Engine Optimization (SEO) covers several elements of organic and local promotion. Shoolin is widely regarded for its organic and local promotion strategies, and has recently launched a sophisticated award-winning local search platform, for organic and local promotion listings management. Shoolin promotes a website using innovative techniques for organic optimization. Here are some of the steps we take to promote your hotel.

Content Search Engine Optimization

The art of SEO entails writing keyword-rich meta tags and enhanced content for your website. Shoolin performs extensive keyword research and determines the demand generators for businesses in their market. Several unique strategies are used to develop keyword-rich meta tags, titles, and descriptions for pages , as well as the deployment of schema tags for enhanced search optimization.

Schema Tags Deployment

Google upgraded its search algorithm in early 2012 to the knowledge graph. Knowledge graph search uses tags called schemas on the website backend to index content. Shoolin uses schema markup in websites, which helps search engines show structured data (address, reviews, etc.) faster and directly on search engine results pages (SERPs). Pages with schemas have up to 30% higher click-through rates due to relevant snippets in the SERPs.

Search Engine Submissions

Once onpage SEO is implemented during the website development phase, Shoolin ensures the website is properly displayed on Google, Bing, and other major search engines and local channels. The goal is to saturate different marketing opportunities provided by each of the search engine channels. Websites are submitted to numerous channels with uniquely written titles, descriptions, and keywords tailored to each business and their respective categories.

Directory Listings

Business Listings are a key element in securing relevance for a website and driving higher placement organically. Shoolin maintains a database of channels relevant to the hospitality industry. These directories are segmented into groups by niches and reach. In terms of our philosophy for generating links, we believe that only good quality links that are relevant matter. Our strategy to determine relevant authoritative links is a big differentiator in driving revenue and high ROI for our clients.

Ongoing Optimization Review and Enhancements

Shoolin’s organic promotion is a continuous search engine optimization and enhancement process. We regularly evaluate the optimization of your site against the targeted search terms your consumers are using to find your hotel. Search engines constantly evolve their algorithms to make organic results more effective. Shoolin provides periodic updates to ensure your website is up-to-date with the latest technology in the search universe. We are also monitoring the impact of the latest trends on your site and are constantly making changes to our hospitality marketing strategies.

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